“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.” – Dane Rudhyar

Astrology is an ancient tradition which says that the character and destiny of human depend on the position of the stars at the moment of birth. However, we also believe that astrology allows meaningful and practical changes of every individual in order to improve the quality of life.

Astrology supports the existence of free will and rejects superstition and fatalism. It also allows us a more objective understanding of our character, recognition of our talents and potentials, and an opportunity for emotional and spiritual maturation. Bhakti Bhajnam helps you in providing best astrologers in Delhi.


Benefits of Astrology

  • Understanding what makes you who you are.

Even a very basic astrology reading will tell you what your Sun and Moon signs are, and what this means in your life. Through looking at the planets, their positions in the sky at your birth, and how they relate to each other, you will find clues as to why you are drawn to the people and situations that you are, and what you are to learn from them.

  • Knowing the skill and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime.

Your Sun sign shows the skills and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime. This is what drives you, where your power comes from in this lifetime. Each Sun sign will express themselves, and use their skills and abilities, in different ways. This is also karmic in origin, in that these skills and abilities were developed in previous lifetimes. 

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  • Determining your Life Path.

How do you know if you are following the Life Path that is right for you? Are you happy in your life? Do your work, and your relationships, support you in all ways? Are both your opportunities and your challenges moving you forward? Astrology can help you access your creative nature, and express yourself in the highest and best way possible. You will be able to pinpoint the energy that was in your past, the energy that you are currently working with, and what will be coming up for you in the future. 

  • Determining the best career.

An astrological reading can tell you (through your Sun sign) what skills and abilities you bring with you into this lifetime, and what you need from your career. You can see whether you are going to be better at multitasking, or attention to the details and hard work over the long run. Where Mercury is positioned in your chart determines your communication skills, and where your challenges and opportunities will be found. The planets in your sixth house describe the mundane, day to day details of your career. The planets in your tenth house represent the type of career you will do best in, your professional goals, and how you are perceived by others. 

  • Look at the year ahead.

Whether you are looking at the calendar year, or your personal year (from one birthday to your next birthday), astrology can show what energies lie ahead, where your opportunities and challenges will be found, when the best times to take action are and the skills and abilities that are yours to draw on to accomplish your goals.

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