Significance of Saffron colour in Hinduism

In India, colours play a vital role in different cultures and religion, signifying a very deep meaning. Proper use of colors creates an aroma, which should keep an individual happy. The chief color that is used by Hindu culture is Saffron.

Why Saffron Colour?

In Sanatana – dharma, the saffron colour is associated with sacrifice, agni and yagyas. When we look at it spiritually, the colour resonates with two auspicious things in Hindu mythology – the colour of the sunrise/sunset (sandhya) and of fire (agni). The Sun and the Fire are two of the most important elements that hold significant powers.

The significance:
  • In Religions-

Saffron is the most sacred colour for the Hindus. This colour is mostly worn by sanyasis and sadhus who left their home in search of truth. It stands for purity and divine strength.

  • In Indian National Flag/ Tiranga-

The flag of India means a lot to the Indian citizens. It is of great honor and significance to the Indians. Each color in the national flag indicates its own meaning. The topmost part of the flag is designed using saffron color indicating selflessness and courage of the nation. It indicates denial and freedom of the ego of the people belonging to various religions and unites to become one. 

  • Saffron sindoor used while praying to God-

Praying to God with Sindoor is an old ritual in Hinduism. The Hanuman idols are offered Saffron colored sindoor on auspicious days. The saffron sindoor has a strong divine connection; using it in numerous rituals help in easily connecting to God. The pure form of saffron also has positive effects on an individual’s body who use it as a Tilak on his/ her forehead.

  • In Astrology-

Saffron or Bhagwa is the color of fire, planets, sun and other universal elements. Thus, one cannot remove saffron from the divine elements. Another important significance is its involvement and attribution to the astrology of the world. The color symbolizes the planet Jupiter in astrology. It helps in attaining new knowledge. Saffron and yellow colors also help in spreading spirituality with the help of Jupiter.

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