“Chanting paths is the easiest means in Kali Yuga. Not only is it sadhna, but it is also the object of sadhna. Not only is it bliss, but it is also the medicine for many kinds of illnesses.” – Swami muktananda

There are immense and innumerable benefits associated with reading of a sacred scriptures. Some of these scriptures are Bhagavad Gita, Akhand Ram Charitmanas, Sunderkand path,etc. 

The reason is when you read and truly understand a particular verse of a scripture, then you are tuned to the spiritual frequency of God. Consciousness for wisdom and blessings of the invisible Spirit.



It is agreed by all that we should recite Path regularly because that is a direction from our Gurus. In this, three steps are involved:

i) Reading (listening to) the message
ii) Understanding the message
iii) Benefiting from the message.

The mantra’s are a sound that creates the positive divine vibration. The Sunderkand path is a flow of pious mantras. The moment one does Sunderkand recitation regularly, it crushes the negative thoughts. It gives one materialistic boons and spiritual upliftment. By reading Sunderkand with full-faith and devotion from the bottom of the heart, one can reap the following benefits easily. We offer best and cheap  bhajan singers in Delhi NCR.

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Sunderkand Path


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